ploom New Hair Textures

For those who recieved the tester pack from the update group, I need your feedback! 🙂

11 thoughts on “ploom New Hair Textures

  1. I dont see any difference in the new cherry and old. I am a crimson or wine girl myself. I liked the detail on the ivory and ash.

  2. Hey there, i jsut got your Testerpack and tried it. i love the Ash one, brown Ivory and Brown are totaly okay also. the Blond look a bit like dead hairs and the orange is funny…
    You still will stay with your MidnightColor right? you are the onliest place i get hairs i love in the color i love! *im a bit worried here right now* oh and i am totaly in love with the 2 hair color versions hairs! greetings Kimbi

  3. Great new textures ! But I still like both, old and new… Can’t decide! Just something I noticed : the new Ash color is a little bit too light, i love the new textures, this is the only bad point i noticed!

  4. Thank you for the chance to test your new textures! I love them! The Ash is a nice, black with lovely gloss effect~ You can almost see each individual strand in the blonde and ivory, giving them the look of thickness and body~ Unfortunately for me, the brown will not attach, or be worn, so I have not had the opportunity to actually see it~ I love the orange and cherry, also! Very vibrant~ While I love the older textures, I think these are a very welcome addition to your collection.

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