Hair Problems/Issues:

➜ Your mesh hairstyle isn’t sitting on your head correctly.
— This is a mesh error, there isn’t anything wrong with the hairstyle. You’ll need to clear your cache and relog, that easy!

➜ Your hairstyle disappears slightly/completely when you zoom far away from your avatar.
— This happens when your LOD settings are too low, you can find them in Preferances>Graphics.

Undelivered Items:

For items purchased in world, please visit one of our redelivery terminals located in the foyer entrance of our mainstore.

– Click on the terminal screen.

– When promoted, follow the URL

-Select the item you would like to have redelivered, from your list of purchases.

– If the item your looking for is not listed, please sent me (Helyanwe Vindaloo) a notecard in world, providing your transaction history information for the purchase.


We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any items, whatsoever.
All ploom items are No Transfer. They cannot be returned. Please use demos, and select carefully 🙂

Double Purchases:

Refunds are possible for double purchases. In the event of a double purchase, please send me (Helyanwe Vindaloo)  a notecard containing the transaction history for both purchases, and I will send you a refund for one of them asap.


Q: Can I buy a discontinued hairstyle/skin/item from you directly?
A: Im sorry but if an item is discontinued it is no longer for sale, I apologize for this inconvenience.

Q: I made a new account, can you send all my stuff to me?
A: I dont honor alt accounts for any reason.

Q: Do you do customs? Styles, Edit Jobs, Colors, Packs?
A: I dont do any kind of custom work, i do however take suggestions 🙂

Q: My inventory disappeared, can you replace my items?
A: If LL lost your items, they should replace them, file an inventory loss ticket.

Q: Are your textures for sale?
A: I dont not sell any of my textures. Hair, Skins, Store textures.

Q: Where can i buy the shape in your ads?
A: The shape used in my ads is my personal shape, I created it myself and is not for sale anywhere.

Q: Can you stop spamming with your Subscribe-O-Matic?
A: Sure, There is a SOM sign in the front of my store. You joined the group by clicking it, all you have to do is click it again and Unsubscribe.

Q: Im a model, can i pose for your ads?
A: I dont hire models for my ads, I find it easier to do it myself.


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